His doll - первый типа ориг Паладина, написанный спецом для того, чтобы выпустить Герду в свет.

Звучит как редкое дерьмище, но что поделать, когда руки безбожно кривые, а в голове всякий шлак.

Часть 1. Кадж Часть 2. Герда
i all alone

i look for somebody

in the dark

i all alone

no one hear me

no one see me

i feel my self so lonely

i just want to find some one

who understand me

who look like me and think like me

in my obscure world

my~ world ~

so predictable

so uninspired

i need someone who

bring some new

so i create a doll

i give to her

some my memoirs

some my ideas...

she is perfect

but there is a flaw

she did not answer me

but i never left my hope...

my dear Gerda, why

you isn't alive

i just want to hear your voice


i all alone

i awake in the very strange plase

this room was dark

and someone cry here

that was a man, he called somebody

with the name Gerda

he just pray to hear her

and i don't know what for

so i come up

and touch his shoulder

and ask 'what's going on?'

whats going on...

he look like mad

and only waved, saying

"you just a dream,

because there no one in my world."


he raised his head

and looked at me strangely

and said...

But I waited so long that I believe in you

Всюха, прикиньте, всюха